Maps are useful tools for visualization and communication, and they are also a key element in any spatial analysis. Under global change context, the amount of biomass in Mediterranean forests, as well as its phenology is expected to change. Thus, it becomes crucial to have appropriate tools to monitor and assess it. For this reason, in iecolab we are currently working on the construction a biomass map for Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Baza Protected Areas.

So far, we have used the available data from the Tercer Inventario Forestal Nacional (3rd National Forestry Inventory), where around 700 plots were assessed within the selected Protected Areas. This data, together with the allometric functions provided by Montero et al. (2005), allow us to calculate the available biomass in each plot.

Now, in collaboration with ECOPOTENTIAL Project, this data will be used to calibrate an algorithm which uses LiDAR images to estimate biomass, resulting in a biomass map for each Protected Area.

Reference: Gregorio Montero, Ricardo Ruiz-Peinado, Marta Muñoz. Producción de biomasa y fijación de CO2 por los bosques españoles. Monografías INIA: Serie Forestal, nº13 (2005).

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