The Laboratory of Terrestial Ecology (iEcolab) is a multidisciplinary team created in 2007 at the IISTA in order to value scientific-technological knowledge and facilitate its transfer in the field of conservation and environmental management.

The iEcolab is born with a clearly vocation defined in its motto «Knowing to Manage», each one of this terms alludes to different work areas of the laboratory. «Knowing» includes monitoring, analysis, evaluation and simulation of the effects of Global Change on natural systems. «To» represents the most instrumental branch, and refers to the design and development of monitoring tools, Information Systems, outreach tools, etc.

«Manage» refers to the transfer of biological and ecological knowledge, and monitoring and management tools, to environmental managers, in order to facilitate decision making to preserve habitats and biodiversity proactively.

In the context of IISTA the iecolab research line is called: «Monitoring, managing information, and simulating ecological processes in Mediterranean mountains».