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PhD. Regino J. Zamora


I’m a professor of ecology at the University of Granada. I leaded the creation of the Sierra Nevada LTER site, acting as scientific coordinator. My main fields of research are the study of the ecology of plant-animal interactions and their consequences on ecosystem processes, and the ecology of Global Change in mountain areas. I am Associate Editor of the journal of General Ecology OIKOS. Currently I am the scientific coordinator of a LifeWatch-ERIC project entitled “Thematic Center on Mountain Ecosystems, remote sensing, Deep learning-AI and e-Services”. I was until December 2018 Manager of the Global Change-Biology of Organisms and Systems Program (Biodiversity Area, BDV), Spanish Ministery of Science and President of the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET). My academic and research activity at the University of Granada is complemented by continued collaboration with the public administrations responsible for environmental management, promoting the transfer and application of scientific knowledge to the conservation, management and restoration of ecosystems in an Open Science context. In this sense, I´m the scientific coordinator of the Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory.

Ana Mellado García

Project Manager

I am a researcher in ecology. I work with a wide range of organisms, ecological interactions (e.g., plant-plant, plant-animal, plant-soil, host-parasite) and processes (e.g., nutrient cycling, facilitation, productivity, decomposition), in order to obtain an integrative vision of the role of biodiversity in the functioning of natural systems. I have combined my research activity with the coordination and management of biodiversity-related projects, both in the field of research and education. Currently, I am the project manager of “Smart Ecomountains”, a research project of the LifeWatch-ERIC Thematic Center on Mountain Ecosystems (University of Granada, Spain).

Ricardo Moreno Llorca

Data Management Plan

I am Environmental Scientist by University of Granada and hold a Master Degree in GIS by University of Girona. My expertise is related to land use changes, socioecological systems and ecosystem services. Since 2010 I work in the Departament of Ecology at the University of Granada as a member of the Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory.

Andrea Ros Candeira

Data Management Plan

I’m environmental scientist by University of Vigo and have a Master in Anthropology of Iberoamerica by University of Salamanca. I work at the Observatory since 2017, here I adquired skills on databases, ecosystem services and other topics. My work focuses on the management of environmental information generated in the Sierra Nevada protected area. I’m interested in the science-management-society interface.

Pablo David Guerrero Alonso

Telecommunications Engineer

I am a telecommunications engineer with extensive experience in administration, systems, software analyst, devops developments, deployment of communications networks of all kinds for both communications and monitoring, high availability and fault tolerance solutions, virtualization and cloud solutions, etc.

Manuel Merino Ceballos

Microcomputer Systems and Networks Technician

I am a technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks with training and experience in the field of Graphic Design. My work is focused on the design and Full-stack development of web services and applications. I have been working at the observatory since 2019, mainly participating in web development, sensor deployment, and server maintenance tasks among others.