Full title

Capture service , supply and management of the Sierra Nevada long-term ecological data NODE in the LTER-Spain network under the LIFE Project ENVEurope.

Project Detail

  • Date: 2013-2013
  • People involved: Regino Zamora Rodríguez, Francisco J. Bonet García, Pepa R. Infante
  • Funding Organisation: Life+
  • Budget UGR: 25.423€


EnvEurope is a case study and pilot scheme for an ecological research and monitoring workflow based on the distributed network of LTER-Europe sites. The key principles of the project are scientific knowledge, common information management and harmonization of parameters and methods at a European scale through a cross-domain approach with 67 LTER-Europe sites encompassing terrestrial, continental waters, wetlands and marine ecosystems from 11 countries.

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