Ricardo Moreno Llorca

Environmental scientist

I am Environmental Scientist by University of Granada and hold a Master Degree in GIS by University of Girona. My expertise is related to land use changes, socioecological systems and ecosystem services. Since 2010 I work in the Departament of Ecology at the University of Granada as a member of the Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory.

I am involved in Sierra Nevada LTER site. Actually my work is focused  on land use changes and ecosystem services. As an ecoinformatic, I use data management and ecological modelling to assess ecosystem services and to generate  information useful for the decision making.
Additionally, a very interesting theme field for us is the science-policy interfaces in the protected areas management.

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Instituto Interuniversitario Sistema Tierra en Andalucía. Centro Andaluz de Medio Ambiente, Universidad de Granada - Junta de Andalucía Avda. del Mediterráneo S/N. 18006. Granada. España
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