María Suárez Muñoz

MSc Biological Sciences

I am an Environmental Scientist by Pablo de Olavide University and hold a Master Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. I work as an ecologist at the University of Granada since January 2016. My education background is mainly on aquatic ecosystems and microbiology. However, since I started working in iecolab I am focusing more and more on terrestrial ecosystems. My work in iecolab involves ecological modeling and coordinating and assisting COOP+ project.

  • Agent-Based Modeling
  • Programming languages: NetLogo, R
Instituto Interuniversitario Sistema Tierra en Andalucía. Centro Andaluz de Medio Ambiente, Universidad de Granada - Junta de Andalucía Avda. del Mediterráneo S/N. 18006. Granada. España
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